Resource for Senior Adult Safety

Resource for Senior Adult Safety

February 5, 2023

Top Medical Alert Devices

One of the items that comes to mind quite often when you think about safety in the home is a Medical Alert Device.

Paying For Senior is a site that is stocked full of resources that can help with making decisions about long-term care, assistive products, and also, Medicare Advantage Plan information.

There are 2 specific guides that I recommend reading about.
1. When you should consider getting a medical alert bracelet/device
2. Best Medical Alert Systems

Here are a couple of the products that they have reviewed on their site.

MobileHelp Classic

Cameras and Communication Devices

I am a bit of a techie nerd when it comes to digital devices. I enjoy looking at what is available out there that may be an “outside of the box” way of using affordable technology to help us care for our parents or grandparents.

One “outside of the box” idea is to use the technology packed into many of the wifi security cameras out on the market. Amcrest has a great line of products that could be useful in creating a safe place.

They have several products that could be used to check in.

Amcrest Wifi Indoor Camera – this is a compact camera that has movement detection, 2-way audio, motion tracking, and night vision. One idea may be to set up a medication area and put the camera there. When Grandma or Grandpa stop by to take their daily meds, then you can set up the camera to give an alert to your phone. If they forget, you don’t get the alert and you can give them a call to check on them.

Paying For Senior Care – This site has a huge amount of great content about senior care options.
LifeAlert – Their resource page is full of great content to answer questions that you may have about your health and medical care.

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