Quick Tips with DP Introduction

Quick Tips with DP Introduction

January 28, 2023

My wife and 3 children are a huge support and blessing to me.

Who is Dr. Talin Pepper (DP)?

I’m glad you asked! I am a licensed Physical Therapist, a licensed Massage Therapist, Business Owner, husband, and father.
I wear many hats and am super blessed to be doing what I love, which is spending time with my wife and kids – first and foremost – and getting to work with many individuals that want and need help with their health.

I have been in Burleson for 11 years. I have been a busy staff clinician in a local private practice where I went on to open a satellite clinic that I was the clinic director of for 8 years. I have seen a huge variety of cases from neurological patients, vestibular, orthopedic injuries of all kinds, and post-surgical cases in pretty much every joint.

My passion is helping people navigate the crazy and often confusing medical world to get to the root of their issues and ultimately help them return to their normal lives. Post-surgical rehabilitation and spinal pain are my favorite cases to solve.

Why should I listen to DP?

I began at Lubbock Christian University and completed a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science in 2007. Then, I went on to Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center to complete my first doctoral degree, Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2010.

In 2016, started a post-graduate doctoral program at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center with an emphasis in clinical research and orthopedic spine diagnostics and management which I completed in 2019.

I have advanced training in manual therapy interventions earning my Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist certification. I am also a licensed Massage Therapist with over 16 years of experience working on soft tissue dysfunction.

I have additional training using Trigger Point Dry Needling treatments to aide in soft tissue pain management and healing. I have worked with many local individuals here in Burleson and have learned so much along the way.

I hope to just help some who are interested in changing how they feel, move, and function every day!

What kind of things will I learn?

Another great question! Who comes up with this stuff! I digress…
I have lots planned for this blog and hope to share some meaningful information that can help you be healthy, move better, and decrease pain.

I hope to give information on different types of exercises and activities that would be helpful in treating some of the conditions you may be dealing with.

We will discuss many of the helpful tools out there that you can purchase or make to assist with your surgery recovery. I will cover some misconceptions about Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy and some of the things you can expect from being treated at our clinic.

I would also welcome your questions! I think this and the videos that I will be making would be a great way to provide some individual assistance and feedback for whatever it is you are dealing with and have questions about.

So, with that, if you have a specific question that you would like me to answer please send me an email or call with your question. I will create some content to answer the best I can!

If I don’t know the answer, then I will find out or point you in the direction of a resource that does!

Thanks for reading!

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Dr. Talin Pepper PT, DPT, ScD, COMT, LMT

Dr. Talin Pepper is a licensed physical therapist in the state of Texas (license #1200193). He is also a licensed massage therapist in the state of Texas (license #MT040254).
Massage Therapy is where he started in 2004 while earning his Bachelor’s Degree from Lubbock Christian University. He started practicing physical therapy in 2010, treating patients in orthopedics. He has specialty certification in manual therapy. In 2019, he was awarded his Doctorate of Science in Physical Therapy with an emphasis in clinical research. He published his research in the JOSPT (article) discussing effects of foam rolling in the iliotibial band. Most recently, he opened his own private practice clinic in Burleson, Texas.